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Driving motors for more than 100 years
Yaskawa contributes to the advancement of industries such as automobiles, electric vehicles (EVs), semiconductors, electronic components, next-generation telecommunications, food manufacturing, agriculture, and biomedical, as well as social infrastructure such as elevators, air conditioning, oil and gas, pumps, photovoltaic generation, and logistics. This can be achieved through businesses such as the motion control business segment of AC servo motors and controllers, AC Drives / Inverters, robotics, and systems engineering.

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1. Drives / inverters

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Yaskawa drives incorporate the latest technological advancements in variable speed AC motor control, made possible by experience and dedication to quality. From simple to complex applications, Yaskawa has a variety of drive products to fit your needs.

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A1000 series
A single drive for all your needs, with outstanding performance and flexibility
P1000 series
Flexible and intuitive solution for fan and pump applications
V1000 series
Versatile applications including Open-Loop-Vector functionality and the use of PM motors without feedback.
V1000-4X series
A version of the standard V1000 in an integral NEMA Type 4X/IP66 enclosure
L1000A series
Dedicated drive for elevator applications suitable for both modernization projects and new installations.
G7 series
Motor cable problem solver and high performance vector
U1000 series
Low harmonic, regenerative, and high performance converter
GA800 series
A combination of power, ease of use, flexibility, and performance with high-resolution display & connection to mobile device
T1000A series
AC Drive for taxtile applications
J1000 series
World-class compact variable frequency drive
T1000V series
AC Drive for taxtile applications
E1000 series
Super energy-savings / ease of operation & compliance with environment
D1000 series
Low harmonic and regenerative bi-directional DC bus
L1000V series
For retrofit or new installation of open loop driven, geared lifts with speeds up to 1m/s
FSDrive-MV1000 series
Super energy-saving medium-voltage AC drive
FSDrive-MX1S series
Super energy-saving medium-voltage matrix converter with power regeneration
Applications General-purpose drives Fan & Pump Drives General-purpose microdrives General-purpose microdrives Elevator drives General Purpose Drives Regenerative converters General Purpose Drives Textile Applications Ultra compact drives Textile Applications HVAC, Fan & Pump Drives Regenerative individual drives and systems of AC drives Elevator drives Medium Voltage Inverter Drive Medium Voltage Inverter Drive
Voltage range 200...600Vac 200...600Vac 200...480Vac 200...480Vac 200...480Vac 380...480Vac 200...480Vac 240...480Vac 240...480Vac 240...480Vac 240...480Vac 380...480Vac 200...480Vac 200...480Vac 2...11kV class 3kV / 6kV class

2. Motion (servo motors & drives)

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Yaskawa's servo motors and amplifiers are designed and tested jointly with the goal of optimizing the efficiency of the system, minimizing failures caused by
  • Motor overheating
  • Motor runaway
  • Encoder signal loss
  • System commissioning errors
  • Untested motor / drive combinations